Why Does Your Business Need Video?

Because Video Captures Attention!

Check out the video to the left - Virginia Beach local American restaurant Ballyhoo's utilizes Facebook's video banner to immediately capture the attention of potential customers looking for a hot new spot to have a drink or grab a bite.

Above The Fold Attention

Show Potential Customers What You're About In an instant!

In the digital age people want instant gratification. When they show up to your Facebook page if they have to hunt for information, even for a little bit of time, they might consider skipping out on your restaurant and just going back to their favorite spot - and you don't want that!


Here Are Two Scenarios

Scenario A - You Lose!

Someone goes to your facebook page. They see a nice banner of some food, but they don't get an in-your-face feel of the atmosphere of your restaurant. They scroll for a bit, see some reviews - it looks okay, but they're not captivated enough. They decide to go to their regular spot and you just lost out on a customer!

Scenario B - You Win!

Someone goes to your facebook page. They see an eye-catching video banner of your delicious food, huge selection of drinks, people having fun - they're instantly hooked. They don't have to scroll down for more information because they're already in the car and searching for your spot on the GPS. All because you had a stunning commercial ready to capture their attention.

So What Are You Waiting For?

We Stomp our Competition With Competitive Pricing!

Custom commercials for your website and social pages start at $2,500 - Filmed & edited by professionals who have worked in the area's film production industry since 2013. Our competitors in the area have quoted over $5,000  for these sort of projects. We're proud to produce the same quality content for half the cost.

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